Thursday, 3 August 2017


Mr Carney has a worried frown.  Of course businesses and individuals feel uncertain about the future. The uncertainty weighs upon people, let alone the economy.  With an uncertain economic climate, we will see the flight of some businesses to other countries. But you don't have to be the Governor of the Bank of England to foresee that.  It seems that Mr Carney agrees with the Government, or rather Mr Hammond who is trying to rub the doom and gloom in.  While the uncertainty exists, for example if there is a transition period that extends the uncertainty, these trends will continue.  So it is better to get rid of the uncertainty, and get out of the EU now!!!  Mr Carney, why do you have to be so negative?  Are you really a Remainer?  Why can't you be more positive about Britain leaving the EU?  Do you want Brexit to work or not?  As you well know, uncertainty has a very positive side.